Oct 2, 2014

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Hi there :) So, these are my recent fall cravings. I have been looking for a grey knee length coat for some time and I haven't been able to find one that I liked enough to buy until recently while browsing through online stores I stumbled across this one by Mango. Isn't it pretty? Also, I've been eyeing these Nike Rosheruns, I just think they are the perfect trainers. And talking about tartan, it's everywhere! I noticed that my love for tartan has also never been so strong. Is it a coincidence? I think not.

5 comments on "RECENT CRAVINGS"
  1. Great coat.

  2. Jap shis ir smuki un ja par nike runaa, par cik visur tik ljoti kraasainas apkaart, patiik tikai nike zimiti melnu arii veel labaak ....

    1. jā, melnās Nike arī šķiet ļooti pievilcīgas, patiesībā gribu abas! :D

  3. I like the knee-length coat. The print of the scarf is also nice. Great selection.


  4. Mango ir diezgan plaša izvēle šāda tipa mēteļiem. Pati esmu noskatījusi vienu un pēc algas skriešu pirkt! :D