Fashionable workspace

Oct 9, 2014

We do not only want to be wearing fashionable clothes but also to have fashionable and cozy workspaces, right? Right. The options how to style it are endless, however it all comes down to making your space personal by putting together things that are in some way meaningful to you or adding inspiring quotes and posters. These are some of my favorite versions from which I definitely will be influencing when I get the chance to style my own. 

Photo credit: Pinterest

5 comments on "Fashionable workspace"
  1. jap....melns un balts ir ļoti modē

  2. Great work spaces, love the minimalist designs!

  3. Great post!!! :D

  4. I love this! I want a new imac. Grr! It seems like every office picture I see there is an imac on the desk. They look so clean. I'm a new follower on Google+ from SITS. Happy Wednesday!

    1. Yeah, so it seems :D I think it's mainly for their clean design, as you said and I'm definitely a design person, so I've been craving one too but the thing is, my current laptop is still very much alive and kicking! :D